There's meaning to the feather at the front of each journal......

There's meaning to the feather at the front of each journal......

I know for many, opening their journal and seeing a feather in the inside cover is going to peak some interest and curiosity, so I thought I’d write a blog post to give some context.

If you’ve followed my posts on social media, somewhere along the line, you’ve probably read a little about my story. Back when I was only 8 years old, my father passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. Over the years, I navigated grief and as I got older I even had some emotional/mental breakdowns. 

I found myself a few times, pulled over on the side of the road....then running to the middle of a dirt field and crying uncontrollably. There was so many unanswered questions in my head and these episodes would come literally out of nowhere.

When I hit these low points, there was always one thing in common (not the tears)....but a feather. At first, I probably never noticed them, but as I became in tune with how to reel in the tears and just sit quietly, I would always notice a feather nearby on the ground or even in some cases fluttering down from the sky. As if a bird flew by and left it in that very moment to console me and say “everything is going to be fine”.

The years continued to go by. And, the feathers were still there. I would go on solo hikes and ask the universe for signs (signs that I was making the right educational choices, the right career path choices and so forth...) and there it was, another feather. When a loved one passed away, there it was, a feather. When I needed to just smile because of a bad day (or in some cases just a shitty week), there it was, a feather.

So, as I began working on the “Write Your Next Chapter” project, I wanted to incorporate a feather as a sign for everyone else trying to find their path on their journey. I wanted ach of you to know that - YOU came across my website and my project for a REASON. You were meant to be on this exact path at this exact moment in time. 

Now, I can go into all the spiritual stuff related to feathers (and that would take me days and many blog posts), but that’s not the point right now. The point is simply, use it as a reminder every time you open the journal, use it as a reminder when you hit a low point, use it as a reminder when you feel like you’re off track, the feather can be a bookmark, it can be taped to your favorite page, or it can live in its little plastic sleeve. But the feather is a true object of purpose and life. How will you use this reminder to live an inspired life?


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