Face Your Fears: Ziplining for the first time

Face Your Fears: Ziplining for the first time

On episode #4 of the podcast, we had the opportunity to sit down with Omid & Angela and talk about our recent trip to Wrightwood, California for a fun-filled day of zip-lining. If you haven't already, click on the podcast episode at the bottom and listen in - it was a great time laughing and reminiscing about all the moments that we made that day.

Our trip started off early in the morning (okay, not that early, but early for us) - it was about 7am and we got on the road for about an hour and a half drive up to the mountains. We made a pit stop to fuel up first (on some healthy American Food, Denny's of course, lol) and then off we went. Once there, we found out we were the only group that was going to be out on the course that day, so we suited up, went over all the safety checks and procedures and then we were off to meet our guides at the basepoint. 

ziplining group photo - ready to go out ontop the course

You can see by the photo above, we were all excited and at least here....not showing the nerves. We jumped into the off-road vehicle with our guides and we flew up the mountain. Literally, felt like we were flying. We were going so fast and turning corners so fast - it was so much fun - but as Omid described it in the podcast - he thought those were his final moments and he was never going to even make it on to a zipline. We finally make it to the "basecamp" learning station and get our first chance at what a zipline feels like. Our guides teach us how to brake and once again go over a bunch of safety stuff. You can check out some of the video clips below to see the first few lines that we did - it was so exhilarating. Once we got through the first "baby step" lines - it was time for a first rappel. If you remember from the podcast episode, Omid talked about the moment he was about to begin his rappel and Vic stopped him (just to snap a photo), yep! this was that moment (check out the photo below).

It was an awesome moment to hear Omid recount how terrified he was as his feet barely touched the platform and he was leaning back about to "die". The story got even better from there. Once we rappeled from this platform to the lower one on the same tree, we were given the opportunity to sniff some crack, tree crack that is! Check out one of the videos below for the vulnerable moments of some of us taking a "crack" at it. The best moment was when Jackson was asked and he quickly denied the offer (politely) and then gave in due to peer pressure - but the look on his face of pure surprise when he realized that the smell was very fragrant and pleasing. 

We went on to traverse over the sky bridges and had some great photo opportunities as a group and we were even so caught off guard that one of our guides was on a zip line above us snapping pictures away. As we got to one of our last, longest and "fastest" lines, our tour guide gave us some options. We could finish up the course or continue to another section and complete a tree jump - so of course we decided to jump out of a tree (how often do you get these opportunities?). So we all flew down the fastest line which normally clocks around 50 miles per hour, but due to a strong tailwind, we were probably closer to 60+. It was fast, exhilarating and the view was breathtaking (literally...there were some parts mid way, so fast, it was hard to breathe). So....we get to the trust fall moment, where we have to jump out of a tree. And, let's be real, even if you've done it before, it is still a scary moment, knowing you are going to jump backwards and hope the safety mechanism will catch you. 
But, we all did it.....except for Angela. Be sure you have the chance to listen to her explain this moment in the podcast. She had to truly face a fear and at the last moment, get pushed out of the tree. But ultimately, it was a moment that she said "the experience was so unbelievably amazing....I wouldn't take it back for the world". So many people can relate....we just need that little push to help us overcome moments of fear and vulnerability.
Is ziplining on your list of experiences to have? We can't wait to see it become your reality. Be sure to share your story with us and tag us in your photos on social media.

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