The "Experience List" Journal (Blush Cover)
The "Experience List" Journal (Blush Cover)
The "Experience List" Journal (Blush Cover)
The "Experience List" Journal (Blush Cover)

The "Experience List" Journal (Blush Cover)

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Part of the Write Your Next Chapter journal series, "Would've, Should've, Could've" allows you to create your ultimate experience list. The all-new Experience List Journal was created with the intention to get you thinking about how you want to elevate your life/lifestyle with experiences. Very similar to a bucket list, the experience list Journal allows you to manifest experiences into existence.

Now, we won't get all science-y on you, but bucket lists are not that useful (anymore). Basically, when we write down a long bucket list, we never really get around to crossing those items off. Why? First off, the list gets really long and secondly, you have no real connection to the list.

An experience list, challenges you to imagine the experience before it even happens. By bringing your senses into the mix and imaging the experience before it happens, you are more likely to take action to making the experience come to life. It is also known as manifestation. So, no more excuses like "I should've taken the opportunity to....." or "I would've loved to go on that trip with the girls if only I had the time to do so". It is time to start building that experience list and living an inspired life. This beautifully designed "desert chic" themed journal has you in mind.

This is your sign.

There is something inside of you wanting more out of your life and this is the next step in starting the next chapter in your life.

  • (1) Experience List Journal (this listing is for the BLUSH COVER journal)
  • (1) Gold-dipped feather
  • An inspirational sticker
  • Packaged and mailed off in a beautifully designed shipping box

    ** Stickers and printed journals are shipped separate from apparel **

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